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TSYS School of Computer Science

Our Mission

Collaborate with industry and educational partners to promote innovative education of students to think critically and to creatively solve problems in a ethical and digitally secure manner. 

The School of Computer Science is committed to:

  • educating students to think critically and creatively in a technological environment
  • fostering the highest ideals of ethics, especially pertaining to electronic interaction
  • providing the strongest and most current instruction in the areas of computing and technology
  • meeting the educational needs of the community and region in the areas of computing and technology through collaboration, vision, and foresight
  • helping Columbus State University meet its commitment to fostering its centers of excellence, especially in the areas of science, mathematics, and technology education and regional economic and community development

Our Vision

To be recognized throughout the region, nationally and internationally for providing quality education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  We are creative to the core

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