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TSYS School of Computer Science

CSU Cyber Security Roadshow

The community outreach portion of this grant aimed to increase the awareness of the need for trained cybersecurity professionals, especially those with military backgrounds or ambitions. To these ends, the team researched existing engaging cybersecurity activities that can be used with small and large groups of people using limited or no technology and compiled these into a table. New activities were created by team members to fill the gaps of cybersecurity topics not currently addressed by existing activities. The team then visited local high schools to engage students in a conversation about cybersecurity using some of these activities. Lastly, an informational brochure was created for to give Army reservists information on cybersecurity as a career.

Computing Topic Title Source Age Group Activity Time Materials Group Size
Error detecting codes, error correcting codes, Parity Card Flip Magic - Error Detection and Correction CS Unplugged (PDF) 9 + 30 min

1. Set of 40 "fridge magnet" cards, colored on one side only

2. A metal board (a white board works well)

Whole class, Pairs
Trust, One Way Function Trust/Phone Book CS Unplugged 11+ 20 min Use phone books (Same ones) to establish trust Demo- group
Public/Private key Keys CS Unplugged 12+ 15 min

1. Box

2. Two Locks

Groups of 6
Binary Digits Bits CS Unplugged 12+ 20 min 1. Cards (with dots representing bits) Groups of 6
Routing Deadlock Orange Game CS Unplugged 9+ 20 min

1. Two oranges/tennis balls for each student

2. Name Stickers

Groups of 5
Network Communication Protocols Tablets of Stone CS Unplugged (PDF) 9+ 30 min

1. Blank tablets (printed)

2. Set of action cards (printed from pdf)

Students in pairs (and a messenger for the class)
Computer Security, Cryptography, Data Hiding Sharing Secrets - Information Hiding Protocols CS Unplugged (PDF) 12+ 5 min

1. Small Pad of paper

2. A pen

3 or more
Computer Security, Cryptography The Peruvian coin flip Cs Unplugged (PDF) 10+ 30 min

1. A copy of the reproducible sheet (on page 183 of manual)

2. Two dozen small buttons or counters of two different colors

From Individuals to the whole classroom
Abstract/Simplifying The Tour Guide Puzzle Teaching London Computing (PDF) 12+ 15 min 1. Printed papers with the tour guide puzzle A puzzle for each student, for whole class
Pattern Recognition Number Hive Puzzle Teaching London Computing 12+ 20 min 1. Printed papers with Puzzles (downloadable) A puzzle for each student, whole class
Cryptography Multiple Activities Digital School House 16+ Various Various Various
Network, Packet Switching Nifty Networks Digital School House  10+  30 min

 1. Blank A3 sheets of paper

2. Pens and pencils

3. Envelopes(A4 or smaller)

 Group of 4 with whole class
 Abstraction  Guess What Computing at School  7-11  30 min

 1. Guess what cards (or create your own topic based words)

2. Modelling materials e.g. play dough or

3. Individual white boards and white board pens

4. Paper or include/Ignore recording sheet

 Students in Pairs
Steganography  Now you see it, Now you don't -Hiding in plain sight Texas Instruments   12+  20 min Print outs, 6 sided dice   Various
Cyber Security, Internet Use, Information Technology Denial-of-Service Attack Activity Science Buddies 11+ 30-45 min Various Small groups of 9-12
URLs, IP addresses, Sending messages  The Internet

(Internet simulator)

9+ 20 min

1. Paper

2. Pencils/pens

3. Cards

Groups 3 to 5

Cryptology Various


9+ Various


Small and large group activities

Why a Career in Cyber Security? (PDF)